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Air Filters - Educational Content

  • what merv filter do I need

    What MERV Rating Do I Need?

    When it comes to choosing air filters for your home HVAC unit, two things are critical: picking the right filter and maintaining a regular filter replacement schedule. To the first point, many people ask, “what MERV rating do I need...

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  • what is a MERV rating

    What Is a MERV Filter?

    What is a MERV filter? Short for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, a MERV rating is a designation given to air filters to indicate how well the filter can handle various sizes of airborne particles found in homes. In general, the...

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  • All about MERV filters

    All About Merv Filters

    Short for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, MERV is an acronym that essentially rates the effectiveness of a given air filter to trap particulate matter that passes through the filter, which in turn helps reduce pollutants from recirculating back into the...

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  • how often should I change my a/c filter

    How Often Should I Change My A/C Filter?

    Home air filters are one of those things most of us only think about when there’s a noticeable degradation in our home’s air quality. Maybe it’s the poor quality of air that comes with pollen season or a nearby wildfire...

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  • All about air filters

    All About Air Filters

    Your central AC system keeps you cool and comfortable every summer by moving a lot of air, both inside and outside your home and air conditioner maintenance is important. Inside your home, there is an air handler unit that draws...

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  • 5 steps to replace your 1" air filter

    5 Steps to Replace Your 1" Air Filter

    If spring cleaning is a rite of passage in your home, you probably have a set routine for what gets cleaned and what doesn’t. One item that may not be on your list is your heating and cooling system’s air...

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