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Free US Shipping On All Orders
Free US Shipping On All Orders

Potential Rebates In Your Area

Did you know you may qualify for potential local utility company rebates upon purchasing our ENERGY STAR® Carrier Air Purifiers?

Find Available Rebates in Your Area

Which Products Are Eligible For Rebates?

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Energy Star Air Purifier Rebates

Use our lookup tool down below

How To Use The Rebate Lookup Tool

Step 1

Enter Your Zip Code & Click on "Update" on our tool below

Step 2

Click on Filter -> Categories -> Air Purifier*

*If "Air purifier" does not appear in the filter section then no rebates were found in your area

Step 3

Find The Air Purifier Model You're interested in

Step 4

Find your Utility Company

Step 5

Make your Air Purifier Purchase

Step 6

Submit the Application With Proof of Purchase along with any other requirements of your local utility company

Rebates Lookup Tool

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Choosing Energy-Efficient Products Might Help You Save Even More

In an effort to incentivize households to buy energy-efficient products, some utility companies across the United States may provide rebates upon the purchase of qualifying products, like our ENERGY STAR Carrier air purifiers.

Please note that rebates are proposed by local utility companies based on your location and are subject to change based on their terms and conditions. Contact your utility company for the most up to date information.

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What Is ENERGY STAR And How Do Products Earn The Label?

ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.*

The ENERGY STAR label was established to:

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

- Make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

Products can earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR product specifications.*