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Save 30% on all Air Purifiers – use code PURIFIER30 at checkout. Offer ends Oct. 16th.*
Save 30% on all Air Purifiers – use code PURIFIER30 at checkout. Offer ends Oct. 16th.*

30% off Air Purifiers*

Use the code PURIFIER30 to get a great deal on Air Purifiers for your home.

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I never really thought I needed an air monitor. I have pretty bad allergies and since getting this I now know why I have terrible allergies. My air is kinda polluted. I got myself an air purifier and boy did it make a difference. I must say I didn't think i would need an air monitor but I was definitely wrong. Everyone needs this. You should know what you're breathing. This made a huge difference in my life and I can now finally breath again!


I picked up this monitor because I was having allergy issues and wanted to check the air quality of our apartment. The device was really easy to set up with my cell phone. I downloaded the app and connected the device. I allowed it to run over the next few hours as directed. The monitor revealed that the air quality in the place was really bad. So this allowed us to take the proper action to help our health and breathing.


This smart air purifier is amazing! My wife suffers from allergy dust,mites dander and literally every other few days she gets a sinus infection from sneezing so much. Ever since we’ve put this air purifier to use her allergies have been cleared drastically. The air purifier was so easy to take out and put to use. Love all the functions on it. The different fan options. The purifier fits perfectly in our room and we love the convenience of the smart use. Absolutely love.


Very easy to put together with simple instructions. This air purifier works like a champ. The nice breeze is very soothing and relaxing. Very easy to operate also the LED display changes various colors. Neat, stylish and lightweight. There are a lot of speeds to choose from. This purifier also helped with my allergies.


I recently got this air purifier and I couldn’t be happier. It is very easy to use and does a great job cleaning the air. If something is burning in the kitchen this quickly takes the smell out of the air. I really like the auto mode where it turns on stronger as needed. This air purifier really is a beast and does a great job!


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