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Air Purifiers

  • What Causes Stale Air?

    What Causes Stale Air?

    Stale air is indoor air that hasn’t had enough fresh air circulating through it. Most people notice stale air because the pent up pollutants have an unpleasant smell or make a room feel stuffy. At low levels, stale air is...

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  • Refresh Your Indoor Air

    Refresh Your Indoor Air

    The natural instinct to bring fresh air into your home is by opening a window, but this isn't always the best option. New pollutants and toxins can come in and open windows waste energy when you’re using your HVAC system...

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  • Bringing Indoor Air Quality Front and Center

    Bringing Indoor Air Quality Front and Center

    According to the EPA1, indoor levels of pollutants are often significantly higher than outdoor levels. And most homes have at least one air quality problem, ranging from temperature and humidity issues to particle allergens, and chemical pollutants. Brought on by...

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